Toning is a music therapy technique where people maintain open vowel sounds to regulate their breathing and manage anxiety/stress. Nevertheless, its physiological implications are very unclear. My task in this project was to find a way to control participants’ breathing for experimental purposes (the experimental design used in this project tried to dissociate breathing from heart rate responses). I did so by creating software in Max/MSP that (1) takes in a given breathing pattern (time series) and presents it using an animated circle and (2) synchronizes multiple streams of data (EEG, audio…)


GitHub Repository

You can find it here


Done (Sofware development part) - The physiology data (EKG, breathing rates…) has been published. We still have to analyze and process both qualitative (interviews) and EEG data.


Dr Alexandre Lehmann, Dr Nicolo Bernardi, and Dr Shelley Snow

Skills developed

  • Software development using Max/MSP
  • Developping an experimental protocol
  • Research methods
  • Writing code that is realiable and runs smoothly without my intervention