My masters thesis project aims to determine a mapping of the neural substrates of social interaction, as indexed by EEG, while two pianists play with each other. Following research previously published from our lab, we also gather video data from our participants to determine if our experimental manipulation is working or not (i.e. “information flows” from the leader to the follower)

Experimental setup and preliminary results

GitHub Repository

You can find it here


On going - In the middle of data analysis


Dr Laurel Trainor at the McMaster Institute for Music & the Mind

Skills developed

  • Advanced signal processing, specifically focused on EEG data using EEGLAB, Fieldtrip (both MATLAB environments), and Python’s MNE
  • Implementation of Information Theory algorithms using Python’s Numpy and SciPy
  • Basic processing of movement data using deep learning (Optical Flow Analysis)
  • High performance computing using Compute Canada resources
  • Participant management