When two pure tones with a slight frequency mismatch are presented to each ear separately a third, beating tone is created in the brain. These are called binaural beats and they have been the subject of much speculation in recent years. Companies and alternative medicine gurus claim they can modulate behavior through the means of brain entrainment. This project aims to characterize binaural beat brain responses through the auditory pathway–from brainstem responses to connectivity patterns and their correlation with behavior

Pilot and preliminary results

GitHub Repository

You can find it here


On going - Currently finishing up the first draft of the paper


Dr Alexandre Lehmann and Dr Guillaume Dumas

Skills developed

  • Finding gaps in the scientific literature
  • Writing a scientific publication
  • EEG data acquisition
  • EEG data preprocessing using MATLAB,
  • Fourier analysis using Python
  • Statistical hypothesis testing using R
  • Using a graphics editor (i.e. Affinity Designer) to create journal quality figures