NeuroDevices 101

We founded NeuroTechHa, NeuroTechX’s Hamilton chapter, in the summer of 2017. We decided we wanted to teach a series of workshops on Neurotechnology to get the Hamilton community up to speed with what is out there in the market. This was the first workshoips on our NeuroTech101 series: NeuroDevices 101! We recently received some EEG consumer headsetes from our awesome sponsors (big shoutout to Interaxon, NeuroSky, and OpenBCI!) and we wanted to demo this with our community.

Some pictures from the workshop


The workhop had two learning objectives:

  1. A friendly introduction to Interaxon’s Muse, NeuroSky’s Mindwave Mobile, and OpenBCI’s Ganglion (hardware, software, pros, cons, electrode, signal quality…)
  2. How to get raw EEG data from this headsets

Teaching materials

The presentation used for this workshop can be found here