I am a graduate student at McMaster University with a variety of interests: neuroscience, engineering, music, artificial intelligence, and their combinations. My main goal in life is to use engineering and AI solutions to translate research into real world applications, specially in the field of neuroscience.

Here you will find all the projects I’ve been working on for the past few years. These projects range from the research I’ve done during my schooling, to some of the art performances I’ve led and participated in. Feel free to email me your questions or project proposals, I will probably respond in this way:



Year Degree University Specs
09/17 - Present MSc in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behavior McMaster University (Hamilton, ON, Canada) I will defend my thesis on December, 2018. For thesis project details, go to hyperMusic
08/11 - 12/15 BSc in Music Production Engineering (Honors Mention) ITESM Campus Santa Fe (Mexico City, Mexico) Degree combined electrical engineering with music production
08/13 - 08/16 BSc in Psychology (On-line degree) - Not completed UNAM, FESI (Mexico City, Mexico Due to time constraints, I chose to not finish this degree


Year Position University/Organization Specs
05/18 - 09/18 Graduate Research Trainee Montreal Neurological Institute Internship was a requirement of a graduate fellowship obtained from an NSERC-CREATE grant. For project details, see megFingerprinting
05/17 - Present Co-founder member and director NeuroTechHa NeuroTechX is a non-profit organization that brings enthusiasts, academics, and hackers together to drive innovation in the neurotechnology field. To see the details of the events we’ve organized, go to Events
03/16 - 09/16 Research Collaborator NeuroTechX For project details, see Brainlock
01/15 - 06/16 & 03/16 - 09/16 Undergraduate Research Trainee Brams (International lab for brain, music, and sound research Completed two separate internships (one as part of the engineering degree, the other one as part of the psychology degree). To see projects details, go to binauralBeats and Toning